My Sunday Dinner

Sundays are special… usually a day we cook as a family for the family. But last Sunday, we had good friends come over to help us with pictures of our home before we renovate. And so we cooked for them too, sharing our family time with 3 families multiplying the joy, friendship, laughter and love 3-fold!

20150726_ladiesfingers CropWhen planning the menu, we decided on dishes that we could make ahead so that we will have the time & energy to enjoy the company of our family and friends! My hubs made Babi Shiok (spicy pork belly), Beef Rendang (dry beef curry) and Otak Otak (spicy fish custard) the day before, while I made a Thai Peanut salad dressing, Nasi Kunyit (Tumeric rice), Ladies Fingers Sambal and Gula Melaka (palm sugar) ice cream on Friday. We were free to eat, drink and be very merry!

Thanks to Kuan for the food pictures! Thanks to Hui-E & Moh Chean for the pictures of our home. We are truly blessed!

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