Wedding Anniversaries & Love Stories

Today September 8th 2015, my parents have been married for 59 years! We celebrated their anniversary last Sunday at lunch. Dad is 84 years young and Mom 79. We sat round the table and ate while we listened to their stories told many times before.14

  • of my Dad’s cousin who introduced Mom to him,
  • of the pictures they took at the studio before each party,
  • of the songs that Dad would request for Mom over the radio
  • of Dad’s white shirt and starched white bermudas, and high socks…. very fashion forward in those days!

of their love for each other, although not explicitly told in any story but apparent in the way Mom’s face lights up and Dad’s eyes twinkle when they talk about old times.

Lunch was a simple menu which could be prepared the day before, then assembled or finished on Sunday morning so that I could join the family at the table.

Watercress apple soup with homemade bread and pesto

Butter taragon garlic roast chicken

Couscous with grilled vegetables

Homemade chocolate ice cream, toasted almonds

MD Anniversary dinner 2015

… then it was almost 2pm and time for Dad’s afternoon siesta.

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