How to prepare dinner ….and enjoy it!

I cook often because it’s what I like to do. Not always successful but I dare say that after many years of cooking, Continue reading “How to prepare dinner ….and enjoy it!”


How to make my twice-cooked galangal pork belly

One of my favourite dishes to cook for a dinner party is this Twice-cooked Galangal Pork Belly, Continue reading “How to make my twice-cooked galangal pork belly”

Pork Loin inspirations

Had bought a lovely piece of pork loin and the intention was to cook something special for my Patrick, my Ah Boy, as he had a week home from Continue reading “Pork Loin inspirations”

Recipe: Chilli Peppers Marmalade

by Celina Tan


Group A
250g Red bell pepper
130g red chillies (about 9 nos)
120g shallots, roughly chopped
30g garlic Continue reading “Recipe: Chilli Peppers Marmalade”

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