How to prepare dinner ….and enjoy it!

I cook often because it’s what I like to do. Not always successful but I dare say that after many years of cooking, I’m having much more success than failures.

img_0485So I was thrilled when my dear friend Nikki asked me to coach her. I got to know Nikki 7 years ago when she was a customer at Celina’s GastroBar. She wanted to learn how to cook a dinner-to-impress, from start to finish. Doing stuff with Nikki was always fun, always involved good music, and bubbles! And when one is enjoying the process, the food is bound to be delicious!

To start, one needs to….

  • Decide on a specific menu
  • Have recipes on hand. Make a shopping list of ingredients.
  • Schedule workflow – shopping, cooking, decorating
  • Execute!

Here is a menu we worked on, most of which could be prepared ahead of time, with only the finishing touches or assembly work that needed to be done ala minute. This will leave us with plenty of time to look good and enjoy ourselves. The Lamb and rice dishes are from Anjum Anand’s cookbook which I love and use often. Links attached.

Dry Coconut Lamb

Lemon Rice 

Simple Cucumber Cauliflower Pickles

Frozen Yoghurt with berries




Here’s a picture of the Yoghurt recipe…. so easy to make, and versatile too!! Serve it with fresh berries, or berry compote, also delicious on top of a warm chocolate brownie.


Well done Nikki! The food looks and tastes DELISH and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking with you.

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