My Tapas Board

Tuesday Table Talk….When friends come over for dinner, we usually start with a drink. A chilled bottle of Sauvignon Semillon, or Prosecco …or if we are celebrating, then a Hiedsieck Monopole Rose Champagne! I like having interesting bits of food with my drink and a tapas board filled with nibbles that I can make ahead will give me time to catch up with my friends as they arrive.

Tapas, mezze, makan kechil...a starter board!
Tapas, mezze, makan kechil…a starter board!

My tapas board is such a joy to create! Here are some simple tips:

1. Since this is meant to accompany my drinks, my choice of items is drink-dependant. As a rule of thumb, stronger flavours tend to pair better with a more full bodied drink. 
2. Choose a variety of nibbles with different textures and taste profiles…not all sweet, not all crispy!
For plating, choose a bamboo board or white plates. If it’s not white, a solid colour will do…. no florals (you really want to show off your food and not your plate).

4. Create some height by arranging items slice on slice. It will make a more interesting presentation.
5. Introduce items on your starter board to your guests. Enjoy!


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