The Brunch Bunch ….Friendship Rekindled

Good fortune has brought us together, an unlikely coalition of 5 ladies who met at a school reunion last year. We were not all from the same class, not particularly close in our time at Marymount Convent School but now we band together for the common love of food…or so it seems.

In Singapore, food is often an excuse to gather around. The bonding ofIMG_6562¬†school classmates is much more than that. It’s sharing an old classroom together, it’s memories of Fanfare magazine, of teachers we loved & those we thought queer, ¬†it’s recess time relived in our minds, when a bowl of noodles cost 20 cents. It’s reaching this age together, where Life is more important than career!

So when we plan a potluck at my home, I’m excited. I certainly enjoyed cooking for them… Kueh Pie Tee, Grilled Pork Belly with Thai flavours, and Gula Melaka Ice Cream. My friends brought braised chicken, fried bean curd rolls, home-made durian cream cake and wine. No shortage of good food and comraderie. We ate, drank, laughed while we planned our next meeting and the August food trail.

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    1. Braise it in a flavorful liquid first for 1 hour, I use a Tom Yum flavoured chicken stock. Then when it’s already tender, I grill it in my oven for about 15 minutes, basting it every 5 mins with a Thai inspired concoction of galangal, garlic, fish sauce & honey, salt to taste (careful it already has fish sauce)….melt-in-your-mouth tender and oh so flavourful!!


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