Happy Old Year, Happy New Year

It has been a significant few months for me! In fact I would say it’s been a significant year!

While 2014 was spent celebrating my 50th year of existence, much of 2015 was spent figuring out what to do for the next 50 years, give or take a few…. God willing! What is it that I like to do and how would I like to do it?

Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0266I love to cook, experimenting in my kitchen! I love having friends over, having my children’s friends over as well, and meeting the new people that they bring. Looking out my window at the trees and spotting a Kingfisher; listening to the birds singing; being a couch potato on my lounge chair with a good book…all priceless!

Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0110So the hubs & I have decided to give our home a makeover, a major reconfiguration of our living space to accommodate our current lifestyle and to give our children more space and privacy now that they are young adults. This will be a new adventure for the hubs and me, and one of the reasons why I have been irregular with my updates.

So for 2016, I hope to be able to write more, cook more, share my new kitchen experiences and home improvement updates. Join us on our journey of discovery & adventure!

A Happy & Blessed New Year to all my friends, readers and bloggers. May 2016 be filled with love for you and your family!

Photos: Thanks to Hui-E Seeto, and her roadie Moh Chean Sim for the beautiful photos!

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