An Intimate Supper

There’s no shortage of interesting cafes and restaurants to go to in Singapore. So many new ones have sprouted out in the last 4 years, some have unique and delicious food, some are rehashing the brunch theme or the tapas concept, while others are much more about the trendy atmosphere. It used to be fun making a list of new places to try with my fellow foodies. But after awhile it was getting boring, not because the food or service was bad. We always had fun and I do have my favourites but something in the whole experience was lacking for me.

It was the intimacy of the surroundings, the relationship with the host…the personal touch!

10690017_10155060889870131_1431703434342137663_nMy hubs and I started having friends over when we moved into our house. It was more spacious and had an outdoor area where we can enjoy alfresco dining. Over the years as our kids have grown more independent, we are also able to spend more time cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. We love the whole process of planning the menu, inventing new dishes, shopping for ingredients together, cooking, and drinking while cooking. When our friends arrive, we enjoy catching up over h’orderves and sun-downers on our patio while listening to our Spotify playlist  ….And so, our house parties have become more frequent.

What makes entertaining at home special is the personal touch! From the interiors of our home IMG_6563that flaunts our personality and the way we like to live, to the thoughtful process of designing a menu that will please our guests, quirky table settings, Spotify playlists and that chill-out BossaNova music to accompany our early drinks….it is the effort we make in the privacy of our home that makes a supper intimate!

I would like to share my ideas and inspirations for entertaining-at-home here on this blog. Themes, menus, recipes, vendors, tablescapes, hacks….interested? Join me on my journey!




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