Pre-reno Photo-taking Party

We talked about our decision to renovate our house in one of my previous blogs “Happy Old Year, Happy New Year” and in more detail in my other blogsite homeimprovements31. But before we actually moved out we wanted to remember our home the way it was, and so we enlisted the help of our friends, Hui-E and Moh Chean, to capture some of those memories…soon to be released in homeimprovements31.

It would seem such a waste not to have made a party out of the event, so we invited the Kuttans over to join us for some photos, food and drink! And because we expected to be busy with all that (photos, food and drink), we had to have a menu that we could work with beforehand, where cooking could be divided between the Hubs and me.

Photo-taking Party Menu
Photo-taking Party Menu


Photo-taking Party Menu with the Hubs on Babi Shiok and Beef Rendang, and me on the rest!





Home chefs enjoying our kitchen time!

Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0266Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0257






The menu in pictures, thank you Hui-E for making the food look so delicious!

Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0283Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0281Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0292Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0271Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0285Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0278Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0297

Forgot to take pictures of the wines we had, too many already and we were losing the plot! And here we are.

Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0294Bar Seraya_Jul_2015-0301

My only regret is that I didn’t take a picture of Hui-E taking a picture of us….Next time!

More photos of our house coming up soon in my other blogsite homeimprovements31



‘Photo-taking Party Menu’ picture – Celina Tan

All other pictures – Hui-E Seeto

An awesome time – Moh Chean SIm, Hui-E Seeto, Wai Kuan Yip, Sanjay Kuttan, Sachi Kuttan, Kyran Kuttan, Jillian Kok

Away – Patrick Kok, and we missed ya!!!




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