Starting Over again

I’m back….Apologies for the lack of updates over the last 5 months! I’m hoping that I still have some readers left, and that you like what I’m trying to do…sharing my experiences and building a community of people who like to entertain at home. Like it? Share it! Help me spread the word.

Relaxing in Dili
Relaxing in Dili

My schedule has been especially challenging these past few months, having moved out of our home because of the ongoing renovations and finding a balance between family commitments, home renovations and my cooking. But finally I think I’m getting there.


I even managed to take a vacation with the hubs, which gave me the space to think. I found inspiration in Dili, Ubud, and then Penang.


What’s in store for intimatesuppers?

I’ve started to plan for a new series of private dinners, hopefully starting in mid November 2016. I’m so excited because I had a wonderful time hosting our first series of private dinners before the renovations. And now I’m looking forward to hosting it in our ‘almost-new’ home, with a newly configured kitchen, larger oven and much longer granite counter top. With the year end approaching, I’m also thinking about breadmaking classes and Christmas gift boxes. There’s much to do!!

PalomaFor now I leave you with a simple cocktail recipe. I found this while browsing a past edition of a lifestyle magazine. It caught my attention because it’s easy to make, sounds so refreshing and I have all the ingredients…. Grapefruit & lime, tequila, soda & sugar. Instant gratification.

A cocktail called Paloma, from BS’ in the kitchen in pinterest




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