Private dining with intimatesuppers

Intimatesuppers started as a blog about entertaining at home. I’ve taken this a step further… turned it into social dining project! I now host actual private dinners in my newly renovated home in Singapore, with my dear friend and collaborater Nikki Muller, a TV presenter and entertainer extraordinaire!

We opened our doors in March 2017, and I’m loving it …creating new dishes and new menus, making new friends, and then there’s the adrenaline rush of cooking for a group of people. With Nikki’s invaluable experience, we have been able to organize monthly events around special themes, which sometimes includes featured experts such as wine and sake sommeliers, herbalists and entertainers.

Nuff said…it’s Saturday evening and my glass of wine is calling me. Do check out our facebook and Instagram pages. Stay tuned as we restyle this site to suit this new initiative.



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